Please help!

Please help me save the sharks. My next target is to stop whaling. Here is a list of things I  want to save:

#1 sharks

#2 whales

#3 stop oil drilling

#4 stop forests being cut down

#5  stop water pollution

#6 starfish

#7 yellow-finned tuna

#8 blue-finned tuna



shark fin soup

Shark finning is where people bring a shark onboard the  boat (alive) and cut off its fins (alive) and throw it back in the water (alive) to starve, bleed to death, or drown.

How can a shark drown? Sharks need water circulating through their gills to breath. And if they can’t swim, then they can’t breath.

All of these brutal actions are for a bowl of soup. Shark fin soup. It sells for about $100 all over the world. Many people are trying to stop this unfair act by asking the restaurants with this dish to replace the meat with noodles. And if they don’t take it off the menus  they are protesting outside the restaurants. They are also asking the governments to make shark fin soup illegal. But the reason the fishermen don’t stop is because they are making money. But they don’t realize that what they are doing is like cutting the arms off an Olympic swimmer then asking him/her to swim.

You can help by: asking everyone you know to not eat shark fin soup and sign petitions against it.

Sharks are already endangered and are king of the ecosystem and people who kill sharks are crazy. Shark fin soup is only one of the world’s many problems.

Shark Fishers in Madagascar Sell Fins for Pennies


This is a big news flash!!! 😦  And a problem for both people and sharks. People don’t deserve  to get such low wages and have such a big task. “Fishermen sell it [shark fins] dried for 800 to 1,500 Ar (about 30 to 60 cents) a kilogram.” Sharks are being pushed out of their homes and forced to live somewhere else and babies and young sharks are being killed because all the adults have moved on. “In increasing numbers they went looking for remote, untouched fishing areas, going to the Barren Isles and Nosy Vao.”

Here’s the link:

Lydia the great white shark

Lydia was the first ever great white shark known to cross the Atlantic Ocean. She was tagged in Virginia and then a couple weeks later she was found in Europe. “Truly a momentous occasion, Lydia has etched her place in the history of Atlantic white shark research and showed the power and value of SPOT tagging. She is singlehandedly raising awareness around the world.” Last week she was found approaching  Europe and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.  Please click on the hyperlink to find out more.

Hello! :)

Hi! I’m Loretta.  I am 10 years old and I live NYC and want to be a marine biologist when I grow up.  I started this blog to get support in my mission to SAVE THE WORLD!!!!! People are doing so many things that are not good for our environment and I want to stop all those things even though I am 10. People are also  doing good things for our environment and I want to help them too. Thanks for looking at this and helping me.
Here’s a really good video of sharks 🙂